Top 3 Most Popular Coffee Orders In America

Posted by Admin on Jun 14th 2022

Top 3 Most Popular Coffee Orders In America

According to the National Coffee Association,

62 percent of American adults drink coffee every day. Some start their mornings with coffee; others grab a cup on their way to work or during lunch. Needless to say, coffee shops in the country are thriving, especially the more popular coffee chains like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, and Peet’s.

One reason why coffee is so popular here is that it suits our fast-paced lifestyles—it gives us the energy boost we need for the daily hustle. But another reason why so many Americans love coffee is because of the endless options available.

Here are some of the most popular ones.


Sales-wise, Americano is America’s favorite morning beverage. It is what most people order on their way to work—some, of course, make their own versions of Americanos at home.

In general, it’s an espresso softened with water. Most people prefer the simple concoction of hot water and espresso, but some like adding sugar, milk, or cream. But if you want to taste what a real Americano feels like, it’s best to keep away the milk and cream.


Cappuccinos are the total opposite of Americanos and, hence, more fun. They come from Italy, where they became popular in the mid-90s.

A typical cappuccino is a blend of steamed milk, espresso, and milk foam. It’s a sweeter sort of coffee and is a classic in coffee houses. A cup of cappuccino is created to offer a wholesome experience where the person drinking it can taste the precise balance between the bitter espresso and sweet milk. When made by an expert, a cappuccino is nothing short of a dessert!

To make cappuccinos more interesting, most baristas top them with dark chocolate, cocoa powder, or the infamous latter art designs


The wonderful thing about lattes is that they’re incredibly versatile, which is probably what makes them so popular. When we say versatile, we mean that most of your favorite drinks can be ordered in “latte style” since it’s more of a technique than a type.

A typical latte consists of an espresso shot combined with steamed milk and is an incredible drink that you can take any time of the day!

While these are the most popular coffee orders placed in coffee houses on a regular basis, it should be noted that a large number of Americans make their coffees at home. If you do the same, we suggest checking out the espresso coffee beans for sale at Red Bud Tea Company.

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