Self-Care Saturday—4 Ways ToKick Back And Relax

Posted by Admin on Jun 10th 2022

Self-Care Saturday—4 Ways ToKick Back And Relax

Most of us spend incredibly busy weeks, caught up in our career commitments, never-ending household chores, grocery runs, and exhausting carpools. This fast-paced lifestyle takes a toll on our physical and mental health, but many of us barely realize it before it gets too much to bear.

This is why we firmly believe that sometimes, we all need to take a step back, breathe a little and give ourselves a break. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged vacation either; all you need is a Saturday away from work and all the other responsibilities weighing you down.

Here’s what you should do on your self-care Saturday:

1. Sleep In!

Every day, your alarm rings, and you wake up and rush through the morning chores like clockwork. There’s never enough time to just lay in bed for a while and plan the day, let alone get a few more minutes of sleep.

So, for your self-care, Saturday, feel free to hit the snooze button—or better yet, turn the alarm off—and just go back to sleep and let your body decide when it’s ready to get out of bed.

2. Cook Yourself Your Favorite Breakfast

Black coffee and a toast are the usual order of the day since there’s no time for anything nicer, but Saturdays can be different. Make yourself a real treat for breakfast—the perfect Spanish omelet, some freshly squeezed orange juice, or freshly-brewed Scottish breakfast tea—basically anything that makes your heart sing!

3. Take A Nice, Long Bubble Bath

After you feel well-fed, you’d probably want to slip back into bed, but we have a better idea: slip into a bubble bath instead. Here are some ideas to make your bubble bath worth every second of your time:

  • Light up some scented candles;
  • Drop-in your favorite bath bombs;
  • Add some bath salts and essential oils to give yourself spa-like feels;
  • Pop on a facemask while you’re in there;
  • Don’t forget to have some wine and chocolate nearby!

4. Curl Up On Your Favorite Couch With A Book And Some Calming Tea

Once you’ve bathed and eaten, you can do pretty much do anything your heart desires. If watching Netflix is something you crave, go for it. We personally like being nerdy and catching up on some light reading instead.

But whether you’re binge-watching a show or completing a novel, make sure to enhance the experience with a relaxing cup of tea. Some tea blends can be really soothing and are perfect for your self-care Saturday, like jasmine tea or organic mint green tea, for instance.

You can find these both and many other wellness teas in our store.

Check it all out.