How Do I Become A Coffee Connoisseur

Posted by Admin on Oct 29th 2022

How Do I Become A Coffee Connoisseur

Do you love testing out different kinds offlavored coffee every morning? Becoming a coffee connoisseur is the same as becoming a whiskey or wine sommelier—it takes time, passion, and a thirst for knowledge about the beverage. With so many different kinds of coffee, it’s difficult to become a coffee master.

While you can’t quit your job to become a full-time coffee connoisseur, you can start working towards your goal through these simple steps:

Understand your beans

You need to have a deep understanding of different types of coffee beans to make the best cup of joe out there.

  • Arabica beans are sweeter and softer than other coffee beans. They’re also the least acidic! This type of bean grows in elevated areas with lots of rain, like Brazil.
  • Robusta beans are robust and strong, with a reputation for tasting a bit burnt. They’re often used alongside Arabica beans to create complex flavors. These beans grow mostly in Indonesia and Africa.
  • Liberica beans are rarer—they’re known for their woodsy and bitter flavor. While not as popular in Europe and America, you can find them in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Phillippines.
  • Excelsa beans are usually grown in Southeast Asia. This rare commodity has a fruity and tart flavor profile.

Know your roasts

Once you know all about the different types of coffee beans, it’s time to learn about different roasts. Each roast has its own level of caffeine, flavor, and look.

  • Light roast coffee is light brown in color and has a high level of acidity and caffeine.
  • Medium roast coffee is medium brown in color and has a more balanced level of flavor, acid, and aroma, with medium levels of caffeine.
  • Medium-dark coffee is darker than medium roast, with a spicy, full, and heavy flavor and lower caffeine levels.
  • Dark roast is dark brown in color and has an oily sheen, low levels of caffeine, and tastes rather smoky and bitter.

Learn how to brew coffee

The way that you brew your coffee can significantly impact its flavor. Sample different methods and buy the right equipment to get the perfect taste every time. You’ll also need a coffee grinder to get a fine or medium grind.

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