4 Coffee Myths You Can Stop Believing Right Away

Posted by Admin on Jun 8th 2022

4 Coffee Myths You Can Stop Believing Right Away

Coffee is the third most popular drink worldwide, right after water and soda. In most countries, it’s less of a drink and more of a morning ritual that can’t be skipped. Coffee is a great source of natural caffeine that

helps boost energy levels. Not only that, but it can be enjoyed in so many different variations.

But despite all that, there are still some crazy coffee myths floating around that discourage people from enjoying this wondrous drink. Here are a few of those myths that we’ve debunked.

Light Roasts Have Less Caffeine

Caffeine is present in the coffee beans at the time of harvesting. So no matter how intensely the beans are roasted, it doesn’t increase the caffeine content. The only way to have coffee with higher caffeine content is to get coffee blends harvested from plants with higher caffeine content. Apart from that, lighter brews have lower caffeine content, but that’s dependent on the brewing style, not the beans.

Coffee Causes Dehydration

Coffee contains mild diuretic effects, but it isn’t enough to dehydrate your body. If you’re experiencing dehydration, it’s better to get checked up by a professional. Additionally, if people increase their coffee consumption, it still doesn’t affect their hydration levels.

Green Coffee Is Free Form Caffeine

Unroasted coffee beans are also used to make certain types of coffee, and people believe that this coffee is free from caffeine. This isn’t true, and caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in coffee that is present when the beans are harvested. So it doesn’t matter if you use roasted coffee beans or regular ones. The amount of caffeine depends on the type of plant, not on roasting techniques.

Coffee Prevents Sleep

This is less of a myth and more about individual capabilities. For caffeine-sensitive people, a cup of coffee means instant energy that takes a while to go away. That’s why it’s hard for some people to fall asleep after drinking coffee in the evening. But just because a friend of yours can’t sleep doesn’t mean you won’t either. This purely depends on each individual and how the body handles the caffeine.

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