3 Reasons to Drink Green Tea After Dinner

Posted by Admin on Aug 4th 2022

3 Reasons to Drink Green Tea After Dinner

Did you know that green tea is an American favorite when it comes to tea types? That’s right—about 86 percent of Americans prefer green tea as opposed to white, black, or oolong teas!

Most people drink the herbal beverage for its amazing health benefits, but many also love the taste. And although you can drink up to 3 or 5 cups a day, we suggest you start with at least one once you order some green tea online.

You can drink this one cup of green on an empty stomach or right after dinner as a nightcap of sorts—obviously, without the alcohol—it’s the perfect way to end your day on a healthier note.

Here are some excellent ways it’ll help.

It Helps You Digest The Food You Just Ate

Green tea has thermogenic properties that can promote fat burning and significantly boosts metabolism. So, when you drink green at night after dinner, you can ensure that your metabolism is geared up for the night to digest the food you’ve eaten all day.

Moreover, since green tea also helps sleep, that becomes an indirect way to boost metabolism as well. It also boosts the fat-burning hormones, so everything you eat at dinner gets broken down more efficiently.

It’s Excellent For Oral Hygiene

While, of course, you should brush your teeth after every meal and before bed, green tea can really help to guard your oral health like nothing else. It has antioxidants that are amazing at fighting bacteria, especially those in hidden spots in our mouths.

And since most of these bacteria get to work at night once we sleep, drinking green tea right before will help keep them at bay. From periodontal inflammation to tooth decay and cavities, green tea can help with everything.

It Can Help You Sleep Better After Dinner

If you have trouble sleeping at night, drinking green tea after dinner is definitely a good idea. It can help with both sleep quality and quantity.

Green tea has a compound known as theanine, which promotes better sleep by helping the brain relax. So, when you drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea throughout the day, you experience less fatigue, lower stress markers, and better sleep.

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